Here's how to request your music


We've narrowed down the event planning to simple fill in the blank forms. This will help you see what to expect when you log in. You'll have up until 3 days before your event to make changes. We need a few days to prep your music and ask any questions if necessary. 


Log in using the event date and password.

If you do not have a password, go to the get a quote page and create a new account. 


*Your venue will have your password if it came with your package.




Update the "my profile" tab.


The more we know the better! Please give us good contact numbers, emails, etc. We won't abuse your information. We just need to be able to contact you if we have questions about your event.


Click on the "my event" tab. 


This is your home screen for almost everything event related.


Click on Event Forms First


This is where you will see options to fill in songs for each activity at your reception, ceremony, or other event.



Fill in the blanks


* Click Event Home at the top or bottom to save each entry as you feel necessary.


* The order you list the names are the order that our MC will announce them into the room.


* If you don't know for sure the version of the song, copy and paste us a youtube link.


We can help! Contact us if you need ideas for music or visit our music tab for top requested lists. (nationwide list from

Request Music  for everything else


Use the request music button at the top right of the MY EVENT tab.


This music will be played during any point that we need to fill time and for the dancing. We know how to get the crowd involved and we will mix your request at the perfect times.


We can also create a guest request password that you can share with your friends prior to your event. This is seperate and will not allow them to see your first dances or personal info.