New Customers,


Thank You for considering "DJ" Jason Shell for your next event. Rest assured that "the DJ" will be the hassle free part of your event planning. Jason is always on time and ready to entertain. Below are some of the ways he makes planning easy.

The Music

Jason's music is all clean radio edited digital tracks from Top Hits USA unless otherwise requested. Other music also comes from purchases made from itunes, amazon, and artists websites. If there is a song you want played that he doesn't have, it has to be requested ahead of time so it can be purchased. To keep expensive sound equipment from being possibly damaged, Jason can not play music from phones or other devices during an event. 

Guest Request

Guests can be given thier own password to log in using the "guest request button." This creates a way for your guests to have some input into what is played at your event. The amount of requests the guest can choose is up to you. This will populate a most requested list for your dj. This feature is most commonly used for school events and company parties, but wedding receptions are starting to adopt this process as well. Some Brides are printing the log in info on the invitations.

Planning Your Event

Online planners are provided so you can log in and fill in the blanks for what you are wanting to hear for each key activity during an event. Using your electronic device, log in and select "my event" then click on your "event forms" to fill in requests for wedding receptions and ceremonies. Click event home to save your changes, and then do the "request music" link to fill in the gaps for your dinner music and dance music. Remember, you don't have to give the full four hours worth of music to Jason, he can read the crowd, but you can if you choose.

Online Booking

Online booking is the preferred way to set up your new event. Simply click on the availability tab, or the picture above, fill in your event date, pick your options, and submit your request. Jason will promptly get back with you to confirm your info. Make sure you fill in a password. That allows you to go ahead and log in, request music, and fill in your remaining personal info needed for a contract. Every event requires a digitally signed contract and a 25% deposit. This reserves your date and your dj.